Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating:

Real responsibility can be taken up without suffering when the ability to respond has not been suffocated.

Every single moment offers us an opportunity to feel it--which is the only thing these moments deeply ask! They don't ask you to recreate yourself as an object of attention. They don't ask you to build in your mind a long, dead corridor of similar days that you somehow must struggle through. And they don't ask you to meet a certain set of conditions before you can receive.

Don't toss a blanket over messy parts of your life. Open up to all the things you sense (which are the senses), think (they are the thought process) and feel in your heart (emotion, the motion of energy). Admitting all of yourself puts your Being in the position of knowing these things...not whether they are good or bad, true or untrue, right or wrong...just that they are.

The cessation of fighting this knowledge automatically creates a clear space in which to breathe, in which appropriate action or non-action can be embodied. Response is no longer a task, but a joy. Look at the things arising! Look how temporal they are! Feel how mountaintops and deep valleys are born also in our soaring freedom and darkest what you actually are has a planetary face, an energy-moving face, a thought-appearing face, a sensual face. You seem to move amongst your surfaces, your creations, every day--but moving among them is also bringing them into being, containing, and releasing.

Yes, that is You. Here. Now.

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