Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Greater Depression

This post goes out with my depressed friends and loved ones in mind, as well as my happy friends who are counseling the suffering. My heart breaks for you. I want to stop the killing, smash the television, rescue your pet, get you some respect and pick up the baby. I want to tell you that this, too, shall pass; that there really is a reason to keep slogging through the mess you think you're in, and that beauty is just a breath away. I also want to tell you a further truth--what is coming is most definitely much worse, and much better, than what you are experiencing at this time. Your sole job is to simply recognize these two faces and listen to your own heart. Not your ever-judging, ever-fearing mind. There is nothing needing fixing. Please, just attend. The "right thing" comes naturally. Deep peace to you!

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  1. How very sweet to hear these words today! Just what I needed to hear... Thank you... Christine