Saturday, November 26, 2011


Like those before and after, I'm leaving a trail of description that is nothing more than breadcrumbs on a moonless night. I can't help myself, apparently. I never know exactly what Maria will think, do, or how she will behave. This used to be a terrifying, it's liberating.

Lately, early in the morning, I spend a little time in what I suppose could be a kind of "meditation". I've never been able to keep a formal practice for very long. However, when I fall in, I fall in. Love...that has been my experience, my exploration. It seems the mental, physical and emotive are all coming together in a kind of synthesis that is evolving in unexpected ways, and I find myself simultaneously following like a puppy, unfurling like a frond and building, layer upon layer, like a pearl. Insights are both universal and intensely personal, applied to this momentum...given enough space and willingness, no question goes unanswered.

This morning there was a kind of pressure building, and eventually, the universe came out on my breath. I was singing reality. I was in awe. It was a quiet song full of every noise present, and the rest of my senses streamed along with it. I had to get up and stretch, reach for the floor, the ceiling, go out on the porch. There were crows calling, there was a white-star sun muffled in clouds topping a fir tree across the street. Music drifted faintly from a nearby house. The smell of wet, fallen leaves, earth, town was body, no skin between myself and all this. The world has no skin.

A man walked by on the sidewalk, and I heard my voice say "good morning", in the same way I heard the echoing crows and the splash of water from the rain gutter. I can't tell you how absolutely in place everything was (is)--how a car passed in perfection, thoughts in succession and then not at all. The barrier of sleepy caution was completely absent.

Only in its absence do I become aware of how thick and pervasive this "filter" a cloudy lens, an awkward pair of glasses with the wrong prescription. Fear of being (that's right!) is a habit, an unconscious pattern. When I become aware of it, it is just another rise and fall, a wave of energy that can do nothing to disturb what actually is...what I completely am. Following it is like getting caught in the wake of something passing--a ghost ship, that in the light of my heart turns out to be water dancing.

I am in love, my friends...immersed, drowned, clear. The love is being open to learning, unafraid. It's as if I--"I"--came into being out of fear, and then broke through to some other side. I'm not saying anything new...and there is no other side. The crows fly away with the trail in their beaks, calling. Not one mark do they leave!


  1. Not one Mark does our Dear Beloved Maria leave...not one mark. Just like the crow in the sky.
    OH!...except for the Mark of Love...YES!! She is the Mark of Love.

  2. "The world has no skin."

    I think this might be similar to the experience that caused the Meister's rapture:

    "The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me."

  3. did you know I had a brother named Mark...?! (I really do.) :D Thank you, sweet friend.

    Raymond...exactly. Not a shadow in between--not even an "in-between".

  4. Deliriously wonderful! Singing the Universe's Song! I love it! Usually happens to me in the shower :)

    "I came into being out of fear and broke through" - into who you ARE - a river of JOY! Laughter and Goosebumps m'lady! May we all "break through"!

    Enjoy your JOY on your invisible flight ~ ~ ~

  5. Christine--the shower--hahaha! I get many insights there, as well. Joy, pain, and everything in-between. Much love and thanks!

  6. Peak moments as this seems to be are wonderful, insightful, "clear." They often pass. Then there' more work to do. Hopefully this stays. It is home. BTW, did I say great writing too!