Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Engaging Tale

The most basic story we live is that of relationship. Without an assumption of initial separation, there is no plot, no play, no beginning or end. There is no leaving, staying, resolution or reunion; there is no vision-quest, no initiation into Elderhood, no welcome-back as a seasoned warrior of the soul.

All the richness, all the creativity we know springs from behind the premise of the falling-apart and coming-together of universes, planets, countries, societies, families, couples, individuals, atoms, philosophies, theories...and our relationship to these relationships. The story is infinitely complex--and quite simple, when boiled down to myself/life.

Even that basic duality is an "illusion", as any deep diver will tell you; life seamlessly and completely lives you, even as you live it. No exceptions, and nothing else to say. To arrive in such a union, confronted with the fact that no one ever actually went anywhere, is a marvelously ticklish feeling...and to rest there is what brings real stability in the midst of seeming chaos. Somehow, there is a center from which I can survey all my parts and personalities, including all things I call "other", knowing full well that I am this simultaneousness, all this sensory flow. Nothing to do, and nothing (still) to say. 

But express we must. Story, we do. There is nothing wrong with participation in the Great Play. It's our unconscious acting that tends to create such difficulty in our personal unconsciousness that seems to be as necessary as any element in a fully-functioning Being. Fortunately, an equal measure of awareness, of waking to ourselves, is present and alive--going out of its way, it seems, to grab our attention and expand our sense of self to a truer measure. 

All that is required is engagement. A long, much celebrated engagement--a face-to-face in all senses of the word, embracing both the promise of union and battle.

Alas, this is the part where we tend to "chicken out". This chapter is full of wild swings of bliss and loss, where our hero and/or heroine might be diagnosed as somehow schizophrenic (bipolar, at least!) by those whose opinions and approval seem to matter the most...and perhaps even dismissed as hopeless or dangerous! Think Romeo and Juliet, or David and Goliath, or Us and Them. Epic stuff. Hard work.

Never mind that. It's really just self and Self, doing this--you know, human and Divine. Futility and Meaning. 

A full engagement is simply a willingness to be open, suspending disbelief, allowing the lovers their space in the middle of the stand AS that fine line between anything and anything else, undefended and central to absolutely everything. A full engagement is faith in action--a faith that might resemble utter foolishness to a stout ego, dumb persistence in peering through the walls of limitation until it is understood that The Unlimited is exactly where we're peering from

The truth, both personal and universal, blossoms here. The truth, by its deepest nature, doesn't just make a brief seasonal appearance in a divided mind, but sends roots and seeds and scent, broadcasting presence and signaling nourishment, beauty and potential meaning. 
What is True is the original relationship between bright light and dark humus--fresh air and composting forms, bursting forth as newly creative being. It's alright to be a flash-point, an incubator, a catalyst, a mysterious bio-psycho-emotive mystery in which many tales unfold. There is, in fact no other way than this!

Feel it. :)


  1. " present and alive -- going out of its grab our attention and expand our sense of self..." Thank goodness! :)

    And it just occurred to me from reading your post that maybe "fulfillment" is really a "simple willingness to be open..." (as you say) to the awareness that is going out of its way to grab our attention - until we SEE... "that The Unlimited is exactly where we're peering from..."

    Until then - "story we do"... and maybe after too :)

    Love, Christine

  2. You are a remarkable person Maria! Literally, one worthy to be remarked upon...
    Well I found you! I'm Amber from the airplane, if you remember...the crazy Mormon one! lol I adore your art and poetry! You are incredibly talented! I was shocked! I love seeing, as well as reading, your view of life! Anyway,I hope you are exceptionally happy and if you want you can drop me a line at! Have a great week!