Friday, April 3, 2009

Gathering Source

I have been absent recently, dealing with various situations and attendant states.

This is a short post (did I just hear a sigh of relief?)...because the sun is coming out and I want to go outside. :)

All the time, I run into well-intentioned statements regarding How Things Really Are. The current general outlook is that we are all part of a whole. In religious terms, we are all somehow part of God; in scientific terms, part of "the field"; in New-Agey language, we are each a ray of the Light.

I am urging everyone to go the last step. You are The Whole.
You are not a-part. You are IT.
A separate Being has not partitioned itself into different do that, in your mind. Every wall is a few words--an imaginary moment. So sit down for a second (in the sun, if you can), be still, and understand that this is all there is, no limitations. No words. No time.

Later, you can chew over things as much as you want...with the understanding that your teeth can't bite themselves!

Love all of you...

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